Travel insurance for foreign guests

Travel Health insurance for foreign guests in Germany for a long term stay
  • Travel insurance cover for a long-term stay in Germany (up to 5 years !)
  • Travel health insurance plus additonal package (optional)
  • Incurance provider: HanseMerkur travel Insurance, Advigon travel health insurance
  • Area of application: Germany
  • Who is eligible for cover? Foreign nationals up to the age of 75 who have their permanent residence abroad. The length of their stay in Germany must not exceed five years. 
  • Price example: 51 EUR (example pricing for one trip, Duration of stay: 30 days, product: travel health insurance).
  • Still bookable after entering Germany 

Note: The application for an insurance contract may be made at any time. It must be concluded for the total remaining period of the stay in Germany. The waiting time is 31 days. The general waiting times are calculated from the commencement of insurance. The general waiting time does not apply if the application is made within 31 days of arrival. The waiting time also does not apply to accidents or to medical interventions to avert an acute danger to your life. Foto: © Impressionen Deutschland - Berge/ RSWW.DE

HanseMerkur addional package (optional)

Addional package HanseMerkur travel insurance (optional). Services:

  1. Travel acci­dent insurance 
  2. Travel liabi­lity insurance 
  3. Baggage insurance 
  4. Emer­gency insurance 

Product information - all important documents:

ONLINE BOOKING - Insurance cover for foreign guests. Calculate and book

Calculate and book. Insurance cover for foreign guests. Continue to the insurance provider HanseMerkur/ Advigon:

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